Hi, my name ist Dennis Vogt and I’m a passionate independent filmmaker from Germany.
I worked for companys such as Soup-Film, Ondili Lodges & Activitys and SternTV. Right now I’m a freelancer and study Digital Media Production at Hochschule Bremerhaven in my last semester.








Where do you live?

Bremerhaven, Berlin, Göttingen


How do you like your coffee?

Half milk, half coffee, no sugar


When did you start filmmaking?

At the age of 16


What color is the dress?

It’s golden


What programs do you use?

Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro CC, Davinci Resolve 12.5, After Effects


Which camera do you use?

FS700 with Odyssey 7Q+. It’s not about the camera


What is your favorite music?

Mostly deep electronic, but metal is good too


What are you doing in your freetime?

Running, cinematography, skateboarding, Vimeo


What languages do you speak ?

German, english and a little spanish


Windows or iOS?

Windows, but I like iOS as well. Stop hating each other.


What do you eat for breakfast?

Kölln Müsli and a smoothy


In which countrys have you been?

Germany, Italy, Namibia, South Korea, New Zealand, Lithuania, Portugal


Things to talk about with you?

Cars, Star Wars, cat videos, cameras, computer stuff, photography, traveling, business